The Transformative Era

How will you utilise emerging technology to pave the way for a sustainable future?

Private Discussion

27th September, 4-7 pm BST

Verizon Innovation Hub

The best economists in the world are showing that smart, bold action on climate change leads to more economic efficiency.”

Dr. Andrew Steer, President and CEO of the Bezos Earth Fund

2023 is undeniably the year of sustainability, and senior leaders aren’t resting on their laurels, with one third of the world’s largest companies committing to net-zero. But with a staggering 93% on track to miss their targets [Accenture, 2022], it’s imperative that the sustainable leader takes bold action before it’s too late.

To succeed in this transformative era, a resolute commitment to integrating sustainability into every aspect of organisational strategy is essential. Whether it’s spearheading a sustainable energy transition, equipping the next generation with digital skills, or harnessing technology for the greater good, the sustainable leader must drive from the front, not only for the benefit of their own organisation but for the betterment of the world.

So, as the sustainable leader, how will you capitalise on the opportunities technology provides to help your organisation take the next step on its ESG journey?


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thought leaders

Matt Pumfrey - CEO of Innovation Gateway

Matt has had a lifelong passion for sustainability and has worked in the sector his whole career. A career that has seen him set up and run his own businesses, as well as create and run a sustainability and energy services business for a FTSE100 outsourced services organisation. Innovation Gateway has an impressive heritage of enabling some of the world’s most ambitious organisations accelerating their progress to net zero. We do this through collaborative actionable programmes using our trusted network of industry experts, innovative technologies and solution providers

Adam Savitz - Senior Partner, Sustainability

Adam Savitz is a purpose-driven sustainability leader with 20 years of global experience. He has inspired CEOs and businesses across sectors to design, build, and execute pioneering sustainability strategies. Adam's expertise is widely recognised, and he has worked with industry leaders, government bodies, NGOs, and startups to drive impactful transformations through a collaborative, systems-based approach. Currently a Senior Partner at Wipro he has previously worked with Johnson Controls, Xynteo, PwC and MSCI ESG to develop diverse sustainability programs across the world.

Courtney Elizabeth Stipe Holme - Vice President of Sustainable Futures at Capgemini

Courtney is incredibly passionate about sustainability and an advocate for 'Tech for Good', believing that technology is an enabler to driver sustainable growth. Currently Courtney's work at Capgemini is pivotal to the development of Capgemini's first-ever sustainability offering, building the capability from the ground up. Courtney has spoken at global events and summits, including COP 27 and 28, the World Climate Summit and Sustainability LIVE on building a better world.

Dr Isaac Ben-Akiva - Founder and CEO of Behavioural AI

Isaac is incredibly passionate about applying AI to solve real-world problems and create value for businesses and society and has gone on to found Behavioural AI, an AI consultancy which helps businesses leverage generative AI, machine learning and behavioural data science to create impactful insights and solutions. Isaac has over 30 years of experience in software development, architecture, and management, and has led and delivered successful AI projects for clients across various industries and domains, such as growth, credit, customer experience, and fraud prevention.

Hayden Taylor - Founder and Managing Director of Unloc

With a passion for transforming education and using social enterprise as a vehicle for societal change, Hayden co-founded Unloc aged just 16, with a mission to develop the education system so that it puts young people as changemakers at its heart. Hayden is a proud One Young World Ambassador, a Jo Cox Memorial Scholar and a fellow of A Million Realities.

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27 September: 16h00-19h00
Verizon Innovation Hub: 58-71 High Holborn-Floor 5-Carnaby Street

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Guests will break out into three groups to explore: 

#1  Sustainable Energy Transition:

How can you utilise emerging technology to drive a sustainable energy transition?

#2 Nurturing the Next Generation of Talent:

How can you provide the right platforms, technologies and training to the next generation of talent to secure the future of your business?

#3 AI for Good:

How can you use the latest innovative AIs to drive positive ESG outcomes, and what ethical challenges must leaders be aware of?


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