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who we are

We are the risk-takers, change-makers, warriors.
We fight apathy, seek sustainable difference, and champion diversity.
Pave your path. Leave footprints for others to follow.

Together we explore the undiscovered country that is tomorrow. We exist to gather our collective wisdom and apply it to consider the risks and opportunities, explore the possibilities, and help each other to be better leaders.


What do Pathfinder members have in common?

they are explorers

Irrespective of their area of expertise, all Pathfinder members are curious. They have a burning desire to explore new ideas, learn from others and identify opportunities to improve themselves and their businesses.

they embrace technology

Pathfinder members aren’t daunted by technology, they embrace it. They understand that all organisations are now technology organisations.

they are people people

Those in the Pathfinder community understand that technology alone is not the solution. They know that strong leadership and getting the most from their people is vital to success.

they drive transformation

All Pathfinder members are strategic thinkers. The fact that something hasn’t been done before doesn’t intimidate them, it inspires them. They don’t wait for others to build the future.

they are open to new ideas

Pathfinder members know that echo chambers stifle innovation and can lead to obsolescence. They actively seek out ideas from people from different backgrounds, from different industries and with different perspectives.

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Pathfinder is supported by our founding partner, Verizon.

Verizon is a leading global technology company. A world leader in enterprise networking, security,  5G and edge computing, and delivering agile technology platforms to enable the connected enterprise.


Following the tumultuous events of the past two years, millions of workers are reassessing their priorities, leading many to expect more flexibility, move location or even change job. This is putting businesses under great pressure to rethink their working practices, processes and technologies. In this article we look at the problem and how companies are adapting to mitigate the risks, retain talent and acquire the best new talent.

The ancient IT principle of garbage in garbage out remains true. Your AI/ML models are only as good as the data on which they are trained. Inherent bias in your data could lead to systems that don’t work as intended or are even downright racist, sexist or homophobic. How do you ensure that your AI systems are inclusive and effective?

Supply chain has never been such a hot topic. It used to be rare to hear the term outside of a business meeting, but now it’s regularly in the headlines. Covid-19 has driven companies to reassess the risks, rethink the “lowest cost” approach and look to increase visibility. Companies’ environmental credentials are also becoming more critical in consumers choices, which is also driving change. In this article we investigate the trends, what companies are doing and the role technology has to play in creating a new kind of supply chain.


membership has its rewards

research and insights

As a member, you’ll have access to thought-provoking original content from industry leaders, academics, and respected visionaries. This includes videos, articles, research reports, and more.

exclusive events

We bring a wide range of experts to Pathfinder events. Previous speakers have included entrepreneurs, professors, military leaders, consultants, and many more.


Pathfinder is a community and the opportunity to network, learn and grow together is what drives us.

We come from many countries, many industries and many disciplines. We value innovation, sustainability, diversity and inclusion. We offer an open, but discreet, environment to discuss challenges, share wisdom and inspire each other to greater things.

Through collaboration and the sharing of insights we support each other on our journey of personal growth and leadership. By combining our expertise and perspectives we are stronger and able to make better decisions.