Leadership in a post-COVID World


Virtual, Private Roundtable 


“What you do has to have a sense of purpose. It’s about being a force for good in a demonstrable and practical way. Now, the truth is, that is truly a worthy life.”

 Sir Graham Lamb

The persistent uncertainty caused by covid has forced organisations to reimagine the way they do business. In these unprecedented times, bold businesses with courageous leaders and teams that embrace risk will thrive, while others will falter.

Businesses must encourage risks by empowering teams and instilling a culture of trust that cascades throughout the company. Robust organisational structures must be implemented and decisions made quickly. As we move into a new, risk-orientated world of business, bridging the gap between people and technology will be key to transitioning from survival to success.

Join us for this 60 minute discussion as we assess what leadership strategies will succeed in a post-COVID world, and ask, what’s the best approach to:

  • Reinforcing independence and developing character and communication among employees, clients and potential customers?
  • Using emerging tech to understand and operate with markets, potential customers and clients?
  • Measuring success by impact and not simple targets and numbers? 

Senior leaders are in the mid-phase of ‘The Known Unknowns’ – wait for greater clarity, and you will lose the fleeting opportunity. The markets are at an inflection point. Time to get ahead of the curve by not only by thinking differently but being different.


Lieutenant General Sir Graeme Lamb is a former director of UK Special Forces and Commander of the British Field Army. He was Deputy Commander to US General Petraeus in Iraq and key adviser to US General McChrystal in Afghanistan.
With a reputation as “straight-talking and unfussy”, Graeme is widely recognised as an authority on working in coalitions, delivering strategic objectives, and creating high-performance teams. His emphasis on separating “reconcilable and irreconcilable issues” has a profound bearing on most organisational challenges.


All of our meetings are collaborative and informative, designed to give you actionable ideas you can take back to your business the next day. This virtual meeting is no different. Prior to the virtual meeting taking place, each attendee is interviewed to understand their interests and perspective. Those who register early will also contribute towards the Think! series of reports, which are published prior to each virtual meeting.






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