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We bring a wide range of experts to Pathfinder events. Previous speakers have included Sir Graeme Lamb (former Lieutenant General of the British Army), Caspar Berry (professional poker player and economist), Karina Hollekim (fomer skier and BASE jumper) and Baroness Shami Chakrabarti CBE (fomrer Shadow Attorney General of England and Wales).


Pathfinder is a community comprised of leaders from the largest organisations in the world, and the opportunity to network, learn and grow together is what drives us.

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is ai racist?

There is a wealth of evidence suggesting that supposedly colour blind algorithms, in reality, reflect some less than savoury human biases. In practical terms, this can result in outcomes that discriminate against ethnic minorities. However, this needn’t be the case.

We all know that A.I. is not 100 percent perfect. We see the imperfections every time Amazon recommends a book that isn’t quite right or Netflix suggests a romantic comedy to a hardcore…


of devices we use daily implement some form of AI


error rate for AI in classifying images of darker-skinned women, compared to less than 1% for lighter skinned men

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Meet some of the risk-takers, change makers and bold leaders that are helping us to prosper in 2022

Wayne Beifus


ADNOC Distribution

Elena Corchero

Director of Emerging Technology

Dow Jones

Hayden Taylor

Managing Director


Gianluca Boccaci

Global Operations & Infrastructure Director


Georgina Jarratt

Global Head of Transformation, Digital and Innovation


Rijuna Kammili-Maruca


HSBC Insurance France

Joan Mogale

CEO: Freemium Solutions

FNB South Africa

Frank Klees

Global Head of Innovation Impact


Mehdi Serghini


Ajlan & Bros Holding Group

Carrie Reuwer

Global Transformation Management and Commercial Integration Head

Bayer Crop Science


Individually we are curious. Collectively we are strong

James Harris



Sir Graeme Lamb

Former Lieutenant General of the British Army

Caspar Berry

Professional poker player and economist

Karina Hollekim

Former skier, BASE Jumper and accomplished author

Baroness Shami Chakrabarti

Former Shadow Attorney General of England and Wales and ex-director of Liberty

what are pathfinders?


Irrespective of their area of expertise, all Pathfinder members are curious. They have a burning desire to explore new ideas, learn from others and identify opportunities to improve.


Pathfinder members aren’t daunted by technology, they embrace it. They understand that all organisations are now technology organisations.


All Pathfinder members are strategic thinkers. The fact that something hasn’t been done before doesn’t intimidate them, it inspires them. They don’t wait for others to build the future.

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Pathfinder members know that echo chambers stifle innovation and can lead to obsolescence. They actively seek out ideas from people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives.


Pathfinder, a community of business leaders, is supported by our club partner Verizon. The aim: to learn from one another by enabling cross-industry conversations, to discuss what might be around the corner and how we must adapt. With the event series running for nearly 2 years, members are encouraged to look beyond the horizon towards radical solutions that make a sustainable difference. Through collaboration and peer insights our community support each other on the journey of personal growth and leadership.

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