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September 2022

We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams

Jimmy Carter

Corporations that embrace diversity on their executive teams are not only more competitive, but 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability, and had a 27% likelihood of outperforming their peers on longer-term value creation [WEF, 2022].

Despite this clear financial incentive, just a fraction of organisations are taking action: 

  • 50% of firms have made little or no progress in improving ethnic diversity since 2014 [Mickinsey, 2022]  
  • Gender diversity has moved up just one percentage point (14% to 15%) since 2017 and more than a third of the companies still have no women at all on their executive teams [Mckinsey, 2022].
  • Only 19 Fortune 500 corporations explicitly include LGBTQ+ people in their definition of board diversity, resulting in only 26 of the 5,670 board seats that exist in the Fortune 500 being held by out LGBTQ+ board members, less than 1% [OutLeadership, 2022].

Forward-thinking organisations are employing and empowering diverse leaders – not just as a moral obligation, but also as a winning business strategy. The world understands that this is the right thing to do. It’s now time for the bold leader to replace intent with meaningful action.

the panel

Sandra Sims-Williams (She/Her) – Chief Diversity Officer at Nielsen


As the Chief Diversity Officer for Nielsen, and previously for Publicis Groupe, Sandra has worked tirelessly to develop and implement sustainable diversity and inclusion initiatives, tools and measurements. Alongside her work at Nielsen, Sandra has developed two transformational women’s groups – one for senior women which meets to interact on issues related to development, and one for younger women that meets to encourage and enhance their careers.

Xavier White (He/Him) – LGBTQ+ Activist and Marketing & CSR Manager at Verizon


Xavier features in the most recent OUTstanding list for LGBT+ Future Leaders. In 2010, Xavier founded an LQBTQ+ rights in education charity that has engaged a global audience through social media campaigns, policy work, photoshoots, lesson plans and other activities. On top of his work as an activist, Xavier works as a Marketing & CSR Manager at Verizon, leads their LGBTQ+ ERG for EMEA & APAC, and notably coordinates and presents the award-winning #ChamberBreakers podcast to a global audience.

Leon Mann MBE (he/him) – Sports Journalist, Founder and Managing Director of Refresh Sports Consultancy and Productions                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Leon is an entrepreneur, activist, broadcaster and filmmaker who has devoted his career to bringing life to the most inspiring of stories within the world of sports. Having worked for some of the largest broadcasters in the world, his films and campaigns have presented athletes, coaches and sports executives with a platform to tell their story and by doing so, promote inclusivity, accessibility and pride in diversity.


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