Be Disruptive

How will you define 2023?

Private Virtual Roundtable
7th March, 2-3pm GMT (3-4pm CET)

You cannot overtake 15 cars in sunny weather, but you can when it's raining

Ayrton Senna

Following a turbulent year, senior executives are looking to 2023 with excitement. With the need to build resilience through the reconfiguration of supply chains, an ever-increasing focus on ESG-driven transformation, and a revamped approach to employee experience, leaders are identifying huge growth opportunities on the horizon [McKinsey, 2022]. The potential for improvement has never been so great.

But with so many focuses, remaining committed to the lofty ambitions at hand will be a challenge. And when the next crisis emerges, those that return to the comfort of the status quo will quickly find themselves falling behind their competition. The disruptors that lead the way, however, will be the ones to define their industry in the years to come.

How will you continue to take risks and Be Disruptive when the uncertainty becomes overwhelming?


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speaker - mark gallagher

Mark’s executive management career in Formula 1 included more than a decade on the management board of the successful Jordan Grand Prix team, running the world famous Cosworth engine business and helping establish the commercial arm of Red Bull Racing.

Beginning in 1983, Mark started his career in media and communications before joining the start-up Jordan Grand Prix team in 1990. Mark joined the management board of Jordan in 1998, the team challenging for the World Championship in 1999.

His expertise covers the commercial and operational management of Formula 1 teams, and includes the sport’s regulatory, business and technology landscape. Since 1994 he has introduced some of the world’s leading technology companies to the sport, playing a key role in the digital transformation of Formula 1.


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