Be Curious

How will you define 2024?

Private Virtual Roundtable
29th November, 2-3pm GMT (3-4pm CET)

By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

2023 has been marked by an unparalleled wave of innovation and a whirlwind of unpredictable changes that have reshaped the business landscape. And as we look towards 2024, we are already anticipating more of the same:

• Groundbreaking developments in AI will lead to 40% of organisations to increase their investment in new AI tools in 2024 [McKinsey, 2023].
• The EU’s new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, starting in 2024, will dramatically transform the way that organisations are expected to prioritise and report on sustainability initiatives.
Resilience is set to become the key concern for not only boardrooms but also governments across Europe, as threat actors become increasingly effective at identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities [Forbes, 2023].

The challenge is, no-one has a crystal ball. Predicting how technology is going to evolve, how industries and markets will transform and how the role of a leader will shift is no easy task. But for the disruptive leader, there is always opportunity in uncertainty.

So, whilst we cannot control or predict the future, we have the power to be disruptive. Join us for the final time in 2023 as we meet to discuss the biggest challenges awaiting us in the year ahead, and to answer the question: how will you be disruptive in 2024 and beyond?



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speaker - jennifer vessels

Jennifer is a world-renowned innovation, strategy and transformation leader. She has led transformation growth for global leaders including Adobe, Cisco, Google and RaboBank and truly understands and helps others to navigate the pressure to deliver, adapt and engage in today’s climate.

As CEO of Next Step and a Silicon Valley innovator, Jennifer lives in the center of change, creating the future of work – with technology and people.

Her bold insights and real-world lessons learned from her own experiences provide actionable takeaways such as her PEACE methodology which help fast-track to future success.


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